An out of the ordinary but amazing procedure that can change your…… and your partner’s life!

As Wives, Girlfriends and Mothers our bodies change with age and the birth of our children - 1 or many

We feel the same – the  20 something, confident, young care free woman, but a look at the mirror or a “closer inspection” sometimes tells a different story. The men in our lives do not experience life or experience those bodily changes the same as women do, so how could they really understand our frustrations.

 These changes not only occur on the easily exposed parts of our bodies but the inner, softer tissues of our womanhood.

A looser, softer and more ‘open’ vaginal canal can occur; dryness and incontinence is experienced in the more mature woman.

Our self confidence drops and so does the intimacy between you and your partner. It is an embarrassing but very common process to endure and it happens to millions of women all over the world.

But there is a very life changing light at the end of this very laxed “tunnel “:

L A S E R    V A G I N A L    T I G H T E N I N G ( LVT)

A simple and uncomplicated procedure that takes as much time and feels like a pap smear!! the only difference? Is heat being released into the surrounding structures of the vaginal canal, that is barely felt.

Administered by a trained, experienced and highly skilled doctor.

Results: AMAZING!! Tightened and firmer tissues experienced after 1 month and it keeps getting better as time goes by, this of course leads to a much improved ability to control your bladder as well!


2 treatments recommended 4+ months apart

   Price:       Mothers Day special: R3500 ( Normal price R6999)

( To ensure you receive both sessions at the same price purchase the first session at R4000 and pay the remainder R3000 4 months later on your next visit)


021 555 3717


Doctors consultation fee( R295) applies for new patients only.





IPL Laser hair removal & Microdermabrasion package deals


Daisy package: Consultation ( doctor )  +  1 x microdermabrasion + 3 x 1 small area IPL laser hair removal course            Price: R500

Rose package: Consultation ( doctor ) + 1 x microdermabrasion + 3 x 1 medium area IPL laser hair removal  course             Price: R1000


 - Microdermabrasion is the use of fine white crystals to lightly exfoliate dead skin cells from the surface layers of the skin, revealing plumper more even skin beneath – 20 minute procedure

 - Choose 1 of the Laser hair removal areas( minimum of a 4 week interval between each session):

Small area  =  lip, chin,  between eyebrow, stomach hair line

Medium area = Bikini only, underarms, lip&chin, sideburns


 Specials valid till the end of May 2017, Specials must be paid in cash only ( no card payments) and cannot be combined with other treatment specials.


Gift vouchers are available

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