L A S E R    V A G I N A L    T I G H T E N I N G ( LVT )

A simple and uncomplicated procedure that is relatively quick and effective – our patients compare the process to that of a pap smear – Heat form the laser is released into the surrounding structures of the vaginal canal, that is barely felt as a high strength anesthetic cream is applied for 20 minutes to the areas.

Patients can drive home after the treatment.

Administered by a trained and experienced  doctor.

Results:  Tightened and firmer tissues experienced after 1 month, improvements further noticed up to 4 months later and this of course leads to a much improved ability to control your bladder as well.

2 treatments recommended 4+ months apart

   Price:        R3500 ( Normal price R6999)

( To ensure you receive both sessions at the same price a R500 holding fee is then required)

021 555 3717


Doctors consultation fee( R295) applies for new patients only.



- Ultra Pulse CO2 laser RISEN MOLES and SUN SPOT removal – 50% off

   100% removed in one session in minutes, no stitches required, no scarring.

- MICRO FRACTIONAL CO2 LASER:Intensive anti ageing FACE & EYE procedure – R5000   ( normal price: R8400)

    includes post care products – healing balm, SPF 30 sun protection, rejuvenating/maintenance cream required during 5 day recovery period.         

- IPL Laser hair removal: 50% off all areas


These specials cannot be combined with other deals or in clinic specials

   Price does not include consultation( R295 ) for new patients with the doctor ( not required for IPL special)

Payments for these promotions via EFT or cash notes only.

Expires end December 2017


Please call us to book 021 5553717