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The Laser Clinic is a great treatment centre in an easy location, offering many treatments with a reassuring personal touch. All your questions will be answered with care and the advice given is always well considered and good. In particular, the CO2 fractional laser treatments are effective and worthwhile.

Ann McKinlay


I would like to extend my gratitude towards Dr Chris. I had a serious case of Genital warts that I have been trying to get treatment for from various doctors, but they could not help me – every treatment they recommended did not work.

After exploring all these options I then eventually researched online to see if I can find any help.That is when I found Laser Clinic which is run by Dr Chris. Dr Chris you helped me so much with something that bothered me for a long time and it only took him a couple of hours to make me feel human again! I really want thank you Dr Chris for all that you have done and thank you for being a caring human being.

To Reneé thank you for always being there and checking up on me –  it shows the level of care that you have for your patients.

Regards, Andrew