Mole Removal Co2 Laser

Thank you so much dr Chris.

I had lovely expirence , and will definitely be coming back for more magic!!!!!!!!!!!

Thank you

Groupon Client

by Grupon Client

Laser Hair Removal

Thanks Renee , it was a great expirence .   Groupon Client

by Grupon Client

Micro-Fractional CO2 Laser

Thank you so very much for your kindness and a procedure well done. I am sure that I will be more than satisfied with the results, and I will definitely point anyone I know with any form of skin problems to you in the future. You are an excellent doctor and have such a caring nature that it shines out of you like sunshine. I will keep you posted on my recovery.

by Naomi Brand


I had the Micro Vita Peel done a few weeks ago. The lady who performed my peel was very friendly and gentle and gave me useful information on how to take better care of my skin.

The procedure was pain free, I only felt a  slight “hot” sensation afterwards and my skin was flushed.

After a few days I experienced some mild peeling and now my skin definitely feels softer and looks clearer. As I had never had a any kind of facial or treatment before

I only had the mild Micro Vita Peel done and seeing the results I would definitely go back and have the deeper one done.

Thanks to everyone at Laser Clinic.

by Tracy Swanepoel